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The product and opportunity

Dating apps are no new thing, but we know how exhausting swiping through them can be. As a casual dating app, HUD knew they needed to bring some fresh excitement to the dating game.

HUD allows their users to explore, express themselves, and date in a way that fits in with their lives by combining intuitive design and technology to contemporary dating culture to create and foster innovative user experiences – ultimately disrupting the traditional dating format and making casual dating less shameful, more authentic and safer for everyone.

Paloma teamed up with the HUD team to help visually refresh and revitalise this unique approach and offering.



Competitor analysis / Research + insights


Art Direction / Information architecture / UXUI Design / Illustration / Design systems


What did we want to try?

Casual dating has an interesting stigma surrounding it – it’s perception can be disreputable. Our Paloma Dove team had to learn the nuances of casual dating before pushing the boundaries of the opportunity whilst injecting fun and safety into the product which drove the refresh and redesign of the HUD App. Ultimately settling on bright, bold colours; intuitive, uncomplicated experiences; cheeky and playful illustrations; with language and messaging that feels truly real.

"When you’re navigating the tumultuous terrain of app revamps, having a team like Paloma in your corner is the equivalent of striking digital gold. They dove into our casual dating app with a level of energy and creativity that actually ended up completely reigniting our own passion for the project. Paloma’s ideas were as innovative as they were effective, modernizing our platform to match the casual and fun vibe our users were craving. The collaborative process was surprisingly effortless - working with Paloma was like syncing with a long-lost friend who just “gets” you. The team was full of absolute legends across the board who have helped us put the spark back into dating, and are an agency we would ‘swipe right’ on every single time!”

Katie Dissanayake, Director Of Communications


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