NutriPATH is Australia’s premier pathology testing service.

Over the course of several years, the NutriPATH’s public facing website​ was updated without much thought or planning – product taxonomy, search and support calls-to-action are impractical and hard to navigate and the customer service team was inundated with support requests.

In 2023, NutriPATH and Paloma underwent a design refresh and Wordpress build to revitalise the website.




Art Direction / Content & illustration design / Web design / Information architecture / Prototyping / UX/UI design


Web development / Creative development / AI


Our goals involved a comprehensive revamp: creating a modern, user-friendly UX/UI to seamlessly guide users toward their intended actions; developing and training an AI chatbot to support NutriPATH's busy customer service team by reducing incoming support inquiries; and improving the foundational aspects of product categorisation, allowing for more intuitive searches and better product listings to enhance the overall user experience.


With the aim of alleviating support ticket volumes, we implemented an AI chatbot with the primary objective of reducing user queries.

Leveraging technologies such as the AI Engine WordPress Plugin, OpenAI GPT-4, and Pinecone, the project faced initial hurdles with traditional chatbot limitations and complex API integrations. Opting for AI marked a trial-and-error phase, requiring prompt engineering to maintain context integrity.

To overcome challenges, a pivotal approach involved delivering an initial imperfect version, allowing for client feedback loops and iterative enhancements. Manual prompt versioning facilitated better control, while deterministic content searches within the codebase complemented the embeddings database. GPT-4 adoption resolved GPT-3.5's off-topic responses, reinforcing relevance and minimising errors. With a 20-second response time, prioritising reliability over speed was key. Redirecting users when necessary and rigorous testing methodologies ensured consistent improvements. Lessons learned emphasised the viability of AI-powered chatbots with meticulous prompt engineering, strategic content intervention, and continual refinement, exemplifying successful integration in support services.

"We at NutriPATH can’t express how thrilled we are with the new website created by Paloma. From the outset, their team displayed professionalism, creativity, and a deep understanding of our vision. A big thank you!"
Andrew Cavaggion, Director


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