2021 – Present


ChemCloud is a digital procurement marketplace that makes it easy to discover, buy, and sell chemicals. Their mission; to accelerate the positive impact of the chemical industry by digitising its ways of working.




Brand & identity design / Content & illustration design / Web design / Prototyping / UX UI design / Design systems


Web development / Low-code web development / Ruby on Rails

Powering a more sustainable future

Despite all the innovation driven by the chemical industry across every market, the industry's ways of working have remained unchanged for decades, with the vast majority of transactions still occurring offline with reams of paper. By digitally streamlining the procurement process, ChemCloud helps their customers focus on the innovation that truly matters.

Buyers can discover and request quotes for products, and place and track orders through to delivery. Suppliers can advertise innovative new products on customised shopfronts and automate the quoting process to reduce their cost to serve.
Working closely with the founders of Chemcloud, Dave & Hector, Paloma's product, design and development teams took a pragamatic and iterative approach to build this platform from the ground up, delivering an MVP in a record-breaking two months.
Our design team focused on creating an intuitive interface that made sense to the ChemCloud customer, who is accustomed to using emails and spreadsheets to run their business.

After the initial launch of the buyer platform, the supplier and admin interfaces were created. These three fundamental parts of the product were designed with simplicity and ease in mind, catering for the nuances that arise with procurement processes. Along with the product design, the team created an engaging brand and marketing site that stands out in the market.
Our tech teams used Ruby, Rails 7, Hotwired and Turbo, PostgreSQL, TailwindCSS to craft a custom web app that digitised the manual processing that still happens all too often in the chemicals industry.

We built a chat and notification system using Turbostreams, which helped improved the communication with ChemCloud's sourcing experts, increasing the CX of the app significantly. We also built, set up, and polished processes.
"Partnering with Paloma has helped us to achieve what we have today. As a non-technical founder, our partnership with Paloma has been invaluable. Not only have they helped us to build our technical platform, but the venture builder model has enabled us to accelerate our business faster than we ever imagined."

David Wright, ChemCloud Co-Founder


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