Luke Tricket
2020 – 2022


Introducing invoices paid on your terms. Marmalade offers a whole new way for businesses to unlock their cash flow and get paid faster. With Marmalade, you can free up the funds you need, minus the fuss. Keep your business moving without the hassle by cashing-in unpaid customer invoices at any time with the simple click of a button.



Design Principles / User Experience


Brand & Visual Identity / Product Strategy / User Experience / User Interface Design


Ruby on Rails / JavaScript / TypeScript


Marmalade engaged Paloma to create their brand identity. Our goal was to create a strong yet playful brand mark and visual approach to form the foundation of the marketing and the product itself. We discovered the value in being involved at the ground level of branding through to UI design allowed us to create a cohesive and seamless product.

See a snapshot of the brand journey below.

Marmalade is a unique product that deserves to stand out. Through market research, we discovered that Marmalade's competitors relied heavily on human photography. To create a point of difference, we decided to go down the illustration route instead. After much trial and error, we landed on an illustrative style that aligned perfectly with the brand, made even more zesty with animations.
Marmalade for Cashflow

Your invoices, paid on your terms. Marmalade is the cash flow and payment tool designed to help your business grow. Waiting on unpaid invoices can really pump the brakes on a business. With Marmalade, you can get paid when you need to by cashing-in eligible unpaid invoices any time.

It’s the low cost, low risk way to preserve your cash flow.
Marmalade for Payments

If the words "get paid faster" isn't music to a small business' ears, then we don't know what is! Marmalade is a win-win solution for both suppliers and customers. Offering a range of payment options to suit your customer's needs, Marmalade is a simple, secure, and convenient way to pay.

Say goodbye to tedious electronic bank transfers and insecure transmission of credit card details. Marmalade is the simple and flexible way for your business to get paid, fast.

The next step of the journey was to design and build Marmalade's website, whilst leveraging our new brand identity and visual direction. Thanks to a strong foundation and a brilliant copywriter, the first version of the website came together without a hitch.


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