2019 – 2023


Bakkt® is connecting the digital economy unlike ever before, with an innovative platform designed to support today's digital assets and scale for tomorrow's.



Audience Analysis / Brand Strategy / Competitive Analysis / Research & Insights / Design Principles / Go-To-Market


Art Direction / Brand & Identity / Content & Illustration / Web Design / information Architecture / Prototyping / UX & UI design / Design Systems


Web Development / Low-Code / Creative Development / eCommerce / CMS integration / API integration / React / React Native / TypeScript / Ruby on Rails / Java / Go

Money, made flexible

Discover money you never knew you had. Use Bakkt to manage your digital assets.

Bakkt enables everyday people to make the most of their digital assets by putting control back in their hands. From cryptocurrency to loyalty points and everything in between, Bakkt addresses the need to liberate and democratise trillions of dollars worth of digital assets. At its core, Bakkt aims to empower its customers to pay like never before.
Paloma launched into a tight-knit, collaborative partnership with Bakkt in 2019. We work in blended cross-functional project teams across: design, full stack development, architecture, and end-to-end delivery.

In 2021, Bakkt became a publicly listed company on the New York Stock Exchange trading under the ticker NYSE: BKKT.
Apps for all

Armed with extensive customer research and a fresh brand identity to boot, Bakkt and our team got to work on creating the foundations for user experience and interface design for:

Bakkt app – A native cross-platform mobile app that allows consumers to aggregate their digital assets in order to trade, transfer, convert and pay however they want.

Merchant Payment Integrations – A web-based payment integration, allowing customers to pay merchant accounts using Bakkt. For example; loading a Starbucks® Card with bitcoin or cash using Bakkt as a payment method within the Starbucks® app.

Through collaborative and iterative design processes, ourselves and Bakkt balanced brand and marketing visions to a large feature set across a portfolio dashboard, digital assets and actions, a virtual debit card, ambitious product initiatives, and core FinTech app functionality like onboarding, know-your-customer (KYC) flows and user profile management.

From financial portfolio data visualisation, to micro-interactions and interactivity, in-app integrations, and high fidelity product demos, there's not much of Bakkt that our designers haven't dipped their toes into.

Our tech teams use React and React Native to craft the native mobile and responsive merchant payment integrations, whilst utilising a compatible Apollo GraphQL Server to build out production-ready APIs that can pull data from multiple sources.

We also integrated quality assurance testers performing end-to-end user-acceptance testing, regression testing and working with UX designers ahead of development to create efficient development sprint cycles.
Get your [site] together

We also had the chance to jazz up the original and outdated Bakkt website. Through close working sessions with our friends at Bakkt marketing, we chose to revitalise the website with bold typography, relevant colour, pattern, and visual assets supporting key content blocks. The pièce de résistance was a fun, interactive 3D donut chart representing the flexibility and value of the product for its users.

Our recommendation of a headless CMS has been successful, with Bakkt content managers easily being able to update and deploy content on-the-fly and integrate with cloud platform services.
Our design team has also enjoyed pushing the creative tools to their limits by crafting a range of product spot artwork graphics, product videos and supportive illustrations for marketing and social materials – from customer and knowledge base assets to email and social material.
3, 2, 1, go!

Together, we have paved the way for Bakkt's internal teams to flourish and grow through foundational early-stage design systems, front-end component libraries and feature sets, back-end architecture, code-ownership, quality assurance solutions, designops, devops and bizops consultation.

With an exciting launch in March 2021, we saw all of the magic ingredients come together to create a digital assets platform for US customers to use and love. As the release comes to fruition alongside progressive marketing campaigns, ongoing brand evolution, product iteration, and massive potential to scale, we see Bakkt going from strength-to-strength.
"Paloma has been a fantastic partner to Bakkt, that truly feels like an extension of our internal team. Their strong thought leadership, great execution, and focus on the user experience has helped set up the Bakkt platform for continued growth."

- Nicolas Cabrera, Chief Product Officer at Bakkt


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