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Grounded is on a mission to shape the future of sustainable packaging, accelerating the transition to a circular economy. They are committed to empowering businesses to find the best sustainable packaging solution for their unique requirements and priorities.



Competitive Analysis / Research & Insights


Prototyping / UX & UI design / Design Systems


JavaScript / TypeScript

Streamlining packaging design with Blueprint

Blueprint is a 3D design and prototyping tool, designed to help businesses choose the right packaging product for their needs, while increasing the pace of packaging development.

With a built in design tool, die-line generator, and world class sustainability data, companies can compare options, surface key environmental impact considerations, and see their designs come to life in photorealistic 3D renders.

Making sense of complex sustainability data

The world of sustainable packaging is intricate and multifaceted. Navigating that world without a deep understanding of materials science, supply chain management and consumer behaviour can be a daunting undertaking for businesses and consumers alike. Blueprint helps guide users through those complex considerations, intuitively guiding them to the best packaging material choice for the companies sustainability needs.

"Paloma delivered an amazing app in a very short period of time. They seamlessly integrated with our team, understood the customer problems we were trying to solve, and delivered high-quality work quickly. We really appreciated how much pride they took in what they built for us, and the end results show it!"

Jackson Treiu, Grounded CTO


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