James Wakefield and Robin McGowan
2021 – Current


Taper is an industry leading made-to-measure (MTM) platform which empowers retailers, apparel brands, and tailors to stand up and manage new MTM product lines. Taper enables it’s customers to add new revenue streams, without holding any stock & allows retailers to transition towards a far more environmentally sustainable business model of made-to-order products while growing their business.



Design Principles / User Experience


Brand & Visual Identity / Product Strategy / User Experience / User Interface Design


JavaScript / Node.js / React

Reimagining Made to Measure

Traditionally, tailors have worked manually - taking notes and observations with pen and paper as they work with customers. This leads to more paperwork, a higher chance of mistakes and alterations, and slower turnaround times for orders.

We took an iterative approach, choosing to build Taper from the ground up. Building a robust and usable set of measurement and order management tools was key to the success of the platform, with a focus on simplicity and streamlining everyday tasks.

Reducing complexity was a huge focus for Taper. Our goal was to remove the barriers to entry for newcomers to the industry by providing useful information in a clean, simple user experience. Tailors can easily log measurements and customise garments as they work with customers, ensuring faster turnaround times and fewer remakes.

Reporting and pricing tools allow managers and store owners track performance, pinpoint areas for improvement, and predict seasonal trends.

In addition to the platform, we created a strong visual identity and marketing website that identified Taper as a leader in the made to measure space. Inspired by all things crafted and handmade, the Taper brand is approachable and celebrates the world of tailoring.

Launched officially in 2022, Taper powers businesses ranging from boutique tailors to global retailers, and provides access to world leading manufacturing capability, actionable insights and full visibility of the made to measure supply chain; from factory to customer.

"Your teams are super professional in terms of conduct, but also how you solicit requirements and think through product design. Sincerely, congratulations. You’ve proven yourselves to be valuable partners within our ecosystem."

- Tovi Heilbronn, Director – Digital Product & Experience at Harry Rosen Inc.


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