Simplifying the future of freight with Netlogix


Hayden McMillan

May 13, 2024

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We teamed up with Netlogix to reimagine their shipper portal - revolutionising the way shippers and receivers operate.

The challenge

The Netlogix Shipper Portal is a tool for businesses to schedule, dispatch and track products throughout New Zealand and Australia. The legacy platform was outdated, difficult to maintain and in need of a redesign. Many users were bypassing the portal entirely, instead opting to call Netlogix Customer Support to create and dispatch orders for them.

Our approach

Paloma and Netlogix worked together over three months, with a focus on simplifying the user experience while still retaining useful functionality.

We set out to create a clear design language, which was able to be implemented in a short timeframe by our engineering team. Using Tailwind as the basis of our design library allowed our team to quickly introduce, iterate and deliver core UI elements - giving us more time to refine the user experience and implement functionality to streamline user processes.

Letting shippers make the portal their own

Applying custom branding and colours was part of the core Shipper Portal experience, however it gave users too much power (hot pink with yellow text anyone? 🤢 ). We created a simple experience which allowed clients to quickly customise their experience, while keeping core functionality and UI clear and consistent.

Customising a user's experience is as simple as uploading a logo and choosing a brand colour - easy as!


Our goal was to make shipper's lives easier, by streamlining the user experience and increasing the performance of the shipper portal. The new Netlogix shipper portal is flexible and ready for future iterations, has an improved user experience and drastically improved performance - allowing users to quickly create, dispatch and track orders.

“Thank you for all the support putting this together. We’re fully aligned, and I’m confident everything will go smoothly thanks to your hard work and expertise. Your dedication and commitment to the project has been truly impressive, and I’m grateful for all the long hours and hard work you’ve put in.”

- Terence Murphy,  Netlogix Delivery Manager

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