3 reasons why Webflow has become our secret weapon in building successful businesses


Bella Hemming

November 8, 2023


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When you’re in the early stages of building high-growth companies, the tools you use to get there can make a crucial difference in saving time and money. One tool in particular that has been a heavyweight at Paloma is Webflow – a software for website building and hosting that allows users to design, build, and launch websites.

Here are 3 reasons why we use Webflow

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⚡️ It helps us build sites, suuuper fast

When building new ventures, it all comes down to cost, quality and speed. Webflow allows us to build quickly without skimping on customisation and quality. How is this possible? Well…

  • It allows us to write code visually and see changes directly. For many, building in a visual canvas is a much more efficient process, even for those with technical backgrounds.
  • We can deliver a live staging site to review, make real-time changes, and complete the approval process lightning fast.
  • Collaboration station – everyone can join the party at once. While one person builds, another can add and edit content, removing any workflow silos and getting sh*t done all at the same time. Designers, copywriters, project leads and clients can all build or edit parts of the project without waiting for tickets to go through engineers for changes.

We’ve been able to design, build and launch landing pages in under a week, allowing us to spend more time on what we’re known for – creating digital products.

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👌 It allows us to put design first

You’re probably thinking “Sure, Webflow might be fast…but aren’t all website builders like Squarespace and Wix all kinda the same?”

Yes, other website builders are quick in the sense they are user-friendly and have great templates that get the job done – but at the expense of flexibility, making it frustrating for creatives who want something unique. Webflow gives our designers true control over every pixel at every breakpoint, allowing us to perfectly re-create static designs and avoid the cookie cutter look 🍪.

Animation & interactions are also an area of website development that can make or break a site, transforming it into a beautiful experience full of life and movement. Without a live example to discuss and work with, talking about interactions to can spiral into an infinite loop of iterations between designers and engineers. Using Webflow gives our design team the tools to create their own unique interactions, from hover states to auto-loading elements.

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🏎️ High performance

We all like a good-looking site, but let’s take a look under the hood.Some of the technical perks we enjoy include:

  • Peace of mind with top-tier security – SOC 2 Type II certification, automatic SSL, regular pen-testing, two-factor authentication, and the ability to password protect by site or by page. All of that comes standard in Webflow, without any setup or engineering time from our team.
  • Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Fastly (CDN), so it loads super fast for everyone without having to worry about hosting or performance.
  • Saying goodbye to Wordpress plug-in’s that require you to update them until the end of time 👋 seeya never. We use apps like Zapier to set up whatever integrations we like, without the maintenance.
  • A CMS that people actually want to use. Handing over a website has never been so easy, and we can trust that if any content needs to change down the line, our clients can feel empowered to make changes themselves without needing to ask for help.

What we’ve made with Webflow

Take a peek at some of the more recent Webflow sites we’ve built, including our very own Paloma website.

So, you can probably tell we’re pretty big fans (#notsponsored).

But in our opinion it’s worth the hype, and has been an integral tool in helping us launch multiple successful businesses and accelerate their time to market. And by simplifying the marketing site build with Webflow, our engineers can spend more time and energy where they’re needed most – on building incredible digital products.

Ready for your own Paloma-made Webflow site? Contact us

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